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Photo: Lukasz Warzecha/westsweden.com

Lydde Gård shares its hidden gems

At Lydde Gård, we are very proud of our cultural heritage and our nature. You should only know how many deep forests and lakes there are in our vicinity.

Sjuhärad has been known worldwide for over 100 years for our textile production. Here are a few hidden gems that we want to recommend to you.

Photo: Lukasz Warzecha/westsweden.com

Nature & Outdoor Life

The nature in Sjuhärad is influenced by history. Here are the rapids for textile production, places of ancient power struggles, and roads where traveling merchants have wandered. Here is the nature that allows for peaceful walks among the trees and bike rides through undulating beech forests.

Photo: Kasthall.com

Culture & cultural heritage

Embark on a cultural journey in Sjuhärad, where there are plenty of cultural destinations and sights to explore. Take a trip through history and experience places like Rydal Museum and Kasthalls Factories, which hold a cultural heritage you won’t want to miss. There are plenty of cultural centers, museums, manor houses, and historical sites here.

Photo: granegruva.se

Family Adventures

In Sjuhärad, the large crowd-pulling facilities blend with smaller and more down-to-earth ones. From the Navet Science Center in Borås to exciting nature and wilderness experiences in forests and water.

Photo: Jonas Ingman/westsweden.com

Shopping in Tygriket

For over 200 years, thousands of locals have woven, sewn, and crafted world-class textiles. Today, our unique history makes us Sweden’s textile center – Tygriket – with products that are in demand worldwide.”