Sustainability at Lydde Gård

When the Larson family took over Lydde Gård in 2003, it had been neglected for many years and was in need of complete renovation. Siv and Lars Larson’s keen interest in building conservation proved invaluable. Wherever possible, old methods were used. However, while preserving the Manor house charm, there was also a need for modernization. All new installations have been carried out with respect for the house’s history and sustainability in mind.

With nature as the driving force

For heating Lydde Gård, the buildings are connected to district heating from an environmentally certified power plant.

In connection with the drainage of the main building, a 12m3 tank was buried to collect rainwater from gutters and downspouts. The rainwater from the tank then supplies all toilets and washing machines with water.

Solar collectors are installed on the main building’s roof to provide some assistance in heating the water for all showers in the house.

Solar panels are installed on the main building’s and laundry cottage’s roof. With these solar panels, we become self-sufficient in electricity.

Old technology in a new guise

The walls of the main building are insulated using a technique called clay plastering. The clay on the walls is mainly taken from the garden. Clay plastering is a 100% environmentally friendly insulation that not only provides a magical indoor climate but is also beautiful in itself.

The house’s facades and interior walls are painted with linseed oil paint. A sustainable product, based on natural linseed oil, pigments, and drying agents. It contains no synthetic substances, is long-lasting, and therefore saves resources in several ways.


The furniture and interior decorations at Lydde Gård have been carefully handpicked from thrift stores among other places, all dating back to the 1800’s. Some furniture needed to be reupholstered, while others needed scraping and repainting, using linseed oil paint off course.

When a simple cottage from the 1700’s in the neighboring village was to be demolished, Lydde Gård was supplemented with another cultural building.

Instead of becoming waste, the cottage was dismantled, transported, and reconstructed at Lydde Gård. Now, the cottage complements the facility with eight beds and is nicely furnished with underfloor heating, a shower, toilets, and a small kitchenette.

Ecological at Lydde Gård

At Lydde Gård, you sleep in locally produced beds without lacquers or other foreign materials. Pillows and duvets are made of organic wool.

All buildings have old wooden floors, and to preserve and maintain them in the best way, we wash them with linseed oil soap. Linseed oil is environmentally friendly and gentle on both humans and animals. The oil breaks down in nature without leaving harmful residues.

To remove lime deposits in the kitchen and bathroom, we clean with 12% vinegar. Towels and sheets are washed with the detergent Ocean, which is both locally produced and climate-smart.

Breakfast is included in the accommodation, and here we serve homemade bread, honey from our own beehives, and everything else with organic and fair trade labels as a general rule.

A part of Hållbarhetsklivet

At Lydde Gård, we are keen to contribute to sustainable tourism. We are convinced that we can create economically sustainable businesses and tourism that do not lead to unnecessary environmental impact and are appreciated by both residents and visitors.